So today was finally the day!!! I found THE DRESS!!! My Mom, Tori, and I went on this horrid bridal appointment at first. It was an absolute nightmare. The girl wouldn’t even help you get the dresses on. Then it was back for the second visit to the first place I had went to. Seriously it was the first dress I tried on. It was gorgeous!!! Obviously I can’t share a photo with everyone. However, I’m so glad this ball of stress over the dress is over. Now on to the next big thing….catering and decor. Which should be really easy jobs for me since I do this stuff for a living. 🙂


Insomnia has set in….

Can’t sleep so I thought I would share a pic of my engagement ring and a couple more “NO” dress photos. Btw loving this WordPress app on my phone.




Looking for that FAB dress


The Bridezilla Moment

After surviving my first wedding season at the hotel I swore I would not be the infamous “BRIDEZILLA”
Little did I know that it doesn’t take much to turn a bride to be into one. I went on my first bridal appointment a couple of weeks ago at Alfred Angelo. I absolutely adored my stylist. Cynthia was awesome. She spent 3 hours with me and had more patience than I would have had with me. However I couldn’t find THE DRESS! Here is a couple of pictures of the dresses I screeched NOOOO at! I did find 2 dresses obviously that will not be shown that I did like but wasn’t IN LOVE with. Not going to post them just in case I do fall in love with them.


The Belle Dress---It had a swoop that looked like an apron. But look at that cute little princess in the blue dress! 🙂


If I was a Rainbow girl and coming out then this what I would wear. Not meant for a wedding. However I did feel like a princess. Thank you Disney by Alfred Angelo! 🙂

One Fabulous Lane

So HI! This is me! This is where I take most of my pictures! Yes in my car. It helps pass the time while I’m stuck in traffic.

This would be the start of what I hope is a fabulous time…..Live life fabulously! 🙂